Aug 20, 2023
Hauntings: an anthology of historical ghost stories

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My contribution to this anthology is Hotel Vanity. A financially strapped hotel owner struggles to corral annoying ghosts so he can sell the hotel, but his ethereal friends are not the only ones who must find peace.

Chilling Tales that will take you through a labyrinth of historical horror.
You will encounter a tormented Roman general.
A Norse woman who must confront her terrifying destiny.
Meet a troubled Saxon brother, searching for his twin's murderer.
A young nurse tries to solve the mysteries of an asylum for the insane.

Down the passages of time to the Tudor age, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn wander through a haunted garden and elsewhere, a lost slave girl is the soul survivor of a mass slaughter.

These are just a few of the eerie tales which ensure that Hauntings is not for the faint-hearted. Join us as 10 talented authors relate their historical horrors in this ghostly collection with a foreword by the eminent author of histories of medieval women Sharon Bennett Connolly.