Author Interview: Martin Svolgart

Vigilante justice? Check. Intense? Check. Deeply challenging and but also healing? Check! Today we talk with Martin Svolgart, a multi-genre and multi talented Danish author.

According to his bio, Martin Svolgart is a nature lover, amateur photographer, coffee lover, and a geek! He has a fascination for humans. What drives them, makes them, breaks them. What can bring out the worst in a person? What can bring out the best? His protagonists are never just good, and his antagonists are never just evil.

If you’ve ever met Martin you’d know how humble, yet passionate about his work he is.

Rottweiler Heimdal is King of the Couch! 110 pounds of lapdog mentality.

1. Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m a Dane, forty-one, and a single dad to a big teenager. I’m a smith by trade, but I now work at a company spray-painting kitchen cabinets and stuff.

2. What are your favorite genres to read and write, and why?

To read? Just about everything. I even like textbooks. To write, I prefer action filled and character driven storylines with quirky personalities and humor and some psychological growth. The genres are secondary to that, but I enjoy both contemporary, paranormal, space opera, horror…everything. I try my hands at many genres because I think I can grow as a storyteller from it. I publish them under different pseudonyms, though, so that my readers knows what to expect from any given name.

3. You just published another book in your vigilante justice series (Brass Knuckles and Tattered Wings). Tell us about this series.

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