Going on a research trip!

I have the incredible opportunity to travel to Bucks Pocket (and beyond) in Alabama to soak in some history and put the final developmental changes on my work in progress, a coming of age saga set in... well... you guessed it—Bucks Pocket.

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Interview: Author Lynn Bryant

Today we talk with Lynn Bryant about the inspiration behind a gripping tale, An Unquiet Dream, featured in the recently published Hauntings anthology. Q: Your protagonist suffers from what we now know as PTSD. What was the common term and treatment, if any, for this condition in that time period?  A: The short answer is … Continue reading Interview: Author Lynn Bryant

Author Interview: Michael Ross

Today on the blog we have a talented guest with an important message for us! Thank you Michael for talking with me about your new release, The Search. It's book two of a series (but can be read alone), and I got to see an advanced reader copy. I think simply posting my review is … Continue reading Author Interview: Michael Ross

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Happy Jolabokaflod! A free chapter and giveaway

Ready for some storytelling? Looks like it's my turn to contribute to the Historical Writers Forum Jolabokaflod blog hop, in which the authors hold games, giveaways, and host novel excerpts. Storytelling is at the heart of this event, and so today I will share one such chapter from my upcoming dark saga, What Shadows Hide. … Continue reading Happy Jolabokaflod! A free chapter and giveaway

Review: Photographs of October

There's something about the candid thought process of the main characters that I really love, and by the time I got a couple chapters in I couldn't put the darn thing down. Meticulous research, wonderful levels of suspense, thrilling and perfect slaughter... I thought something with this many words would take me forever and be … Continue reading Review: Photographs of October

Review: Remembrance by Rita Woods

Woods weaves a tale that reveals the best and worst parts of all of us, whether it's how to get along with people we really don't like, or the uncertainty people can feel around those who would historically do them wrong. She doesn't shy away from using words that make people gasp. Yes, those words. They existed. She puts them the exact right spot to make the impact needed and then continues.

Book Reviews: Necessary Sins and Lost Saints, from the Lazare Family Saga

What does over two decades worth of research get you? An artful and brilliant series with the ability to put the reader right into the past. I have the privilege of receiving advanced reader copies before each release so far, and it's hooked me from the first page. Since this is a saga meant to … Continue reading Book Reviews: Necessary Sins and Lost Saints, from the Lazare Family Saga

Author Newbie Tag 2.0: When Pigs Fly

Spare time is like riding unicorns through rainbows while pigs fly about my head. It never seems to happen except when I neglect my household. Well, get ready for some spare time I've made. Maybe you can read it while watching your own pigs fly. I've been challenged to participate in #Authortalktuesday. I think that … Continue reading Author Newbie Tag 2.0: When Pigs Fly

#WIPjoy: About Fodder for Pigs

I realized I don't talk about my work in progress much, at least not with people who don't have a reason to care. One of the groups I admin did the #WIPjoy tag a while back, and I thought it was pretty fun! It is a good exercise in getting us to think about our … Continue reading #WIPjoy: About Fodder for Pigs

Why I chose to learn Tsalagi as research

Learn a new language as research? Crazy lady! I decided to learn Tsalagi/Cherokee over the next five years. Logical, since I have [almost] nobody with whom to speak this new language? No! But I have found a way to work it in and have about a week left of syllabary learning. Then it is on … Continue reading Why I chose to learn Tsalagi as research