New Finds: 1862 Tax Return?

These past couple years have been such a rollercoaster of events. Some good, some bad, some I had to let go of in order to save my sanity. We didn't expect the passing of a loved one. Sometimes it seems like family members will live forever, like an invincible dragon, blowing smoke all around to … Continue reading New Finds: 1862 Tax Return?

Author Interview: Monique De La Uz

What I love about the writing community is that every once in a while I meet an author or two that has a heart of gold. I know several of them now. These people have a genuine desire to pour their hearts out onto a page and help others do the same, in whatever capacity … Continue reading Author Interview: Monique De La Uz

#WIPjoy: About Fodder for Pigs

I realized I don't talk about my work in progress much, at least not with people who don't have a reason to care. One of the groups I admin did the #WIPjoy tag a while back, and I thought it was pretty fun! It is a good exercise in getting us to think about our … Continue reading #WIPjoy: About Fodder for Pigs

Is it Character Weakness or Strength?

We often focus on our characters' weakness. This is fine because everyone has a weakness and that makes them relatable, but what if we focus on their strengths? We get more defined characters. According to psychologist Don Clifton, each strength, when used at the wrong time or inappropriately, can be seen by others as a … Continue reading Is it Character Weakness or Strength?