Book Blurb Practice

The book blurb is one of the most important deciding factors in a book purchase. That's a lot of pressure. I'm kind of freaking out about it. As I tidy up my second round of beta readers and head into the last editing round, my mind comes back to this and slaps me upside the … Continue reading Book Blurb Practice

After NaNoWriMo: Self-Editing

The 50k word challenge is done! Now is the time to self-edit. Why am I tired of it already? I have been self-editing book one and two of my historical fiction thriller, Fodder for Pigs, the entire month of November and then some. Editing is hard work and I appreciate people who do it as … Continue reading After NaNoWriMo: Self-Editing

On John Ross and Perseverance

I don't often share themes from my stories but I will say this: they boil my blood, and they show me perseverance. Today I had to brush up on my John Ross timeline. Can you imagine spending your life and energy in Washington to keep your people in their homes, and coming back to find … Continue reading On John Ross and Perseverance

Vanity, Hybrid, and Traditional Presses VS Self-Publishing

If you spend a lot of time in writers' groups, chances are you've seen this scenario. A poor, unsuspecting newbie asks the dreaded question: "I got an offer from a publisher but not sure I can afford it! What should I do?" Said unsuspecting newbie gets buried in proverbial excrement and feels shamed they don't … Continue reading Vanity, Hybrid, and Traditional Presses VS Self-Publishing

The Why Test

"No, we can't go to the park." "But why?" "Because I said so." That never worked, did it? It doesn't work on readers either. If our stories can't pass the Why Test, there is a motivation problem. The problem may be even deeper than why we allow something to happen, or a character to act a certain way. Is the part/person in question justifiable?