Review: Kindred

This book had me wanting to slap a lot of people. Mind you, I've only slapped one person in my life. If I've already committed to the action by thinking about it, this a significant increase. I also posted this review to everywhere but my blog so far, which is not the usual order. Now … Continue reading Review: Kindred

Review: Photographs of October

There's something about the candid thought process of the main characters that I really love, and by the time I got a couple chapters in I couldn't put the darn thing down. Meticulous research, wonderful levels of suspense, thrilling and perfect slaughter... I thought something with this many words would take me forever and be … Continue reading Review: Photographs of October

Review: Remembrance by Rita Woods

Woods weaves a tale that reveals the best and worst parts of all of us, whether it's how to get along with people we really don't like, or the uncertainty people can feel around those who would historically do them wrong. She doesn't shy away from using words that make people gasp. Yes, those words. They existed. She puts them the exact right spot to make the impact needed and then continues.

Review: This Tender Land

This book came to me at a perfect time. I was trying to figure out why I so disliked a different book featuring a traveling group, and found the answer in a few things This Tender Land did right.

Who is Joaquin Murieta and Why Had I not Heard of Him?

It's a real question. Why is this bandit, who terrorized people throughout 1850s California, a new discovery for me? Murieta is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. He hides behind the tale of Zoro. He lived on somewhat fictionalized in plagiarized magazine and radio serials. Countless westerns used his life as a model for their honorable bandits. But he himself is lost to time.

Book Reviews: Necessary Sins and Lost Saints, from the Lazare Family Saga

What does over two decades worth of research get you? An artful and brilliant series with the ability to put the reader right into the past. I have the privilege of receiving advanced reader copies before each release so far, and it's hooked me from the first page. Since this is a saga meant to … Continue reading Book Reviews: Necessary Sins and Lost Saints, from the Lazare Family Saga

Book Review: Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier

I don't want to give away the ending but the beginning words say it all: "There is no scatheless rapture." The main character remembers his life as an orphaned, bound boy to a merchant who trades with the Cherokee Nation pre-removal from their homelands. As he adjusts to his new situation, he learns a great … Continue reading Book Review: Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier

Book Review: Cherokee Editor

Most who knew Boudinot described him as a sensitive (in a good way) and caring man. Some later described him as a traitor to his nation. After reading this collection of writings, along with Perdu's notes, I see that he had simply lost touch, if he even had it, with the average citizen of the Cherokee Nation.