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Interview: Author Lynn Bryant

Today we talk with Lynn Bryant about the inspiration behind a gripping tale, An Unquiet Dream, featured in the recently published Hauntings anthology. Q: Your protagonist suffers from what we now know as PTSD. What was the common term and treatment, if any, for this condition in that time period?  A: The short answer is … Continue reading Interview: Author Lynn Bryant

Martin and Rottweiler Heimdal

Author Interview: Martin Svolgart

Vigilante justice? Check. Intense? Check. Deeply challenging and but also healing? Check! Today we talk with Martin Svolgart, a multi-genre and multi talented Danish author. According to his bio, Martin Svolgart is a nature lover, amateur photographer, coffee lover, and a geek! He has a fascination for humans. What drives them, makes them, breaks them. … Continue reading Author Interview: Martin Svolgart

Author Interview: Michael Ross

Today on the blog we have a talented guest with an important message for us! Thank you Michael for talking with me about your new release, The Search. It's book two of a series (but can be read alone), and I got to see an advanced reader copy. I think simply posting my review is … Continue reading Author Interview: Michael Ross

Author Interview: Delphine Woods

Today I have a talented guest! Delphine Woods comes to us from the UK where she spends her free time reading mysteries and thrillers in her home office, surrounded by beautiful books and notepads, with her dog by her side. Woods holds a degree in creative writing from the Open University and is determined to bring her own gothic mystery … Continue reading Author Interview: Delphine Woods