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Danielle AppleA woman who does too many things! I love a challenge and a cause, and I admit I do get out of hand with all my projects. Writing has centered me and motivated me like no other hobby, so here I am! Some things that may influence my writing are employment and my other hobbies. I work for a printing company, do freelance Graphic Design, Photography, Jewelry and accessory making, design for metal art, hiking, backpacking, camping, overlanding, 4×4, and of course I also like to experiment with food in the kitchen. Don’t ask me to remember a recipe, I just throw stuff in the pot/pan/etc. and it comes out OK ;).

I’m working on my first full-length novel, and I thought that by now I should have an author blog. If not for fans later on, this is for me to go back and reference some helpful advice I picked up along the way. It’s been a year, so I can’t go back to the beginning per se, but I will do my best.

I’ll be dropping tidbits I learn about craft, grammar, software, plot lines, etc. Whatever I want to keep around or think others may like, it’s going here. Of course, maybe a line or two from my writing will appear as well.

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  1. Steve Reynolds says:

    Hi Danielle, So nice to hear from you. Have you been to the makers place called the Curious Forge in Grass Valley? I think you would like it. I look forward to following you. Steve Reynolds

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