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Danielle AppleDanielle is working on her first full-length novel series, and started this blog to store tips and research, and to engage with the reading and writing community.

When she’s not pursuing research bunny trails, she is reading everything in sight. If you have any recommendations for early 19th Century US history (or historical fiction), let her know!

A woman who does too many things! Danielle loves a challenge and a cause, and admits she does get out of hand with all her projects. Writing has centered and motivated her like no other hobby. She works for a printing company, does freelance Graphic Design, photography, jewelry and accessory making, design for metal art, hiking, backpacking, camping, overlanding, 4×4, and she also likes to experiment with food in the kitchen. Don’t ask her to remember a recipe, she just throws stuff in the pot/pan/etc. and it comes out OK. Or not.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Steve Reynolds says:

    Hi Danielle, So nice to hear from you. Have you been to the makers place called the Curious Forge in Grass Valley? I think you would like it. I look forward to following you. Steve Reynolds

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