At the Editor. Now what?

I handed over my manuscript to an editor a little while ago, thinking I’d have oodles of free time to do other stuff. But what have I been doing? Let’s see…

  • I read nine books, which is quite an improvement
  • Successfully avoided blogging 😉
  • Realized I spent too much time on social media and cut back a little
  • Did market research and decided self-publishing was a better bet for what I have to sell
  • My house is still dirty
  • I had a language learning crisis in which I had to switch curriculum and it killed my momentum, but I’m getting there
  • Beta read a little faster
  • Started a book cover and gave it to a designer to make pretty. I figure if editors use editors, I can use a designer, right?
  • Tried to make a synopsis five times, gave up and tried back cover copy five times. Gave up and wrote this blog

I feel like I should have an outline for another book by now, or finish my marketing plan, but I have to decide which to do first. Maybe I’ll write book reviews for a while and procrastinate some more!

How do you procrastinate from even your favorite activities? Why?

4 thoughts on “At the Editor. Now what?

  1. Jennifer Oswalt says:

    How do I procrastinate? I check my email on my phone, I play solitar and tell the kids I am working, or I do small chores to avoid doing something I don’t want to do. I would love to read a book, but if I pick one up between the hours of 6am and 8pm, I become the most needed person in the house!

    • danielleapple says:

      Awww the mom life! Do they at least let you pee in peace now? I think I understand dad’s Reader’s Digest stack in the bathroom. The best time for me to read now is right before bed with a paperback book. No screen glare!

  2. Brad Shreve says:

    Oh, how I wish I could say I don’t procrastinate. The quickest and easiest way is Facebook, of course. I feel I need to promote myself more on Twitter and Instagram, but I’m afraid of getting stuck in those weeds.

    I’m good about not doing nothing because I can always find some busy work that “must be done.”

    Awesome step on getting to the editor.

  3. Mandy says:

    I usually try to busy myself with other small tasks, trying to trick myself into thinking I’m making more time for that “awful task” with all the little things out of the way. Problem is I can always think of small tasks that need to be done. When I finally finish the “awful task”, I usually have a great sense of accomplishment and that is a good feeling for me. So I take that good feeling with me when I look at other daunting projects and I think to myself “just think of how good you’ll feel when this is done” . And yes , I still can think of a few small things to do first!

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