Author Newbie Tag 2.0: When Pigs Fly

pigs flyingSpare time is like riding unicorns through rainbows while pigs fly about my head. It never seems to happen except when I neglect my household. Well, get ready for some spare time I’ve made. Maybe you can read it while watching your own pigs fly. I’ve been challenged to participate in #Authortalktuesday. I think that sounds fun! I can’t wait to meet everyone else and see your stuff. Please link in the comments.

This is part of the author newbie tag 2.0

1. What’s your book’s pitch? If you have multiple works, choose your favorite!

Oh my…well, I’ve pitched my book Fodder for Pigs enough times. I may as well take a stab at a new approach: the antagonist’s view.

“Joseph pines for when he had everything: a great job, close family, and a new bride. She betrayed him. One by one everything fell through his grasp. He exists in turmoil and wretchedness.

Only revenge will do.

The man who took it all away from him is within his grasp, yet he must savor this. He’s been preparing for decades, priming what child should have been his into a tool for revenge. He’s in too deep to turn back. Too many have died for this moment.

Now is the time.”

2. If you were a book, how would you pitch yourself?

Don’t Read this Book: a Collection of Life’s Most Awkward Moments.

Enough said. Actually, I am planning to make this collection a reality in print ;).

3. What do you usually write?

I like to write historical fiction because it brings history to life in a way a regular non-fiction book can’t. It’s a way to learn something and have an immersive experience, and I think there is something to be said for creating that experience.

4. What’s something you’ll NEVER write?

Alternate history. I can watch it on TV all day, but for some reason, a book just feels wrong. I used to not enjoy writing or reading fantasy but it’s growing on me.

5. What made you want to start writing?

As I hang out in writer groups, I notice the overwhelming response to this question is: “I just always wanted to, ever since forever, and I ride a unicorn through rainbows in my spare time, which is never.”

My real answer is that I needed an outlet to process, or forget life changes, and not worry about controlling everything. Yes, I was interested in my early teens but didn’t really try until my body rebelled against all the stress I put it through by worrying about stuff. Now I can worry about this and mull it around in my head all day long with no harm done.

6. What’s your publishing path? (Self publish, traditionally publish, hybrid, haven’t decided yet, or just write for fun?)

Erm….so far the plan is to query an agent for a traditional route and write short stories while I wait to hear back, but I am also saving for an editor and making back-up plans.

7. What content do you bring to the writing community?

Words. Hopefully fewer words after my next revision ;). Just kidding. I hope to bring up old, rare topics and compare them to modern concerns. Also, funny, random words.

Nanty narking

I also can’t help but try and bring humor to the world. Or maybe it’s just for me.

8. What’s your biggest writing struggle?

Decision making and killing my darling ideas that are no longer feasible.

9. If you’ve been writing for a while, what’s your best tip?

Learn. People say to “just write” and that is OK if you need to get momentum, but learning about writing and the next steps will make the first revision 10X easier. Getting support from a writing community is also great.

10. Are you looking for any new writers to follow, betas, CPs, or other types of writer buddies? If so, tell us who you’re looking for and connect with them in the comments!

I’d love to follow people in the historical fiction community, or anyone really. I have unwittingly distanced myself from most history groups because they all seem to only promote their stuff and not discuss things, but individuals are way more fun!

For my WIP, I’m looking for experts on law enforcement in 1830s to 50s Alabama and Georgia, sensitivity readers, experts in Tsalagi/Cherokee history, gun nerds, history buffs, etc. who will give a read-through or advice, beta readers in a couple of months, and perhaps ARCs later on.

I challenge my fellow writers Jessie and Samantha to participate! Check out their blogs 🙂

5 thoughts on “Author Newbie Tag 2.0: When Pigs Fly

  1. Samantha says:

    Great post! Your pitch addressing the story as if it’s solely Joseph’s was so interesting and crafty! What a neat idea.

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